About Us

About Us

The Impact Adventurers is a social enterprise focused on using travel as a force for good. 

We are a community of adventurers, and fun lovers traveling to make an impact in communities that we travel to through Volunteering, skill sharing, and impact-themed events to proffer solutions to environmental and social problems faced by people and places that make travel memorable for us.

We also serve as a bridge between travelers and locals to create positive social change through traveling. We connect you to communities & people where your skills & donations will be valuable.

We partner with experienced curators and  local organizations to: 

  • Create meaningful travel experiences and programs.
  • Provide opportunities for advocacy.
  • Volunteer,  educate, support and inspire more people to make a positive and social impact in the world.
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To empower individuals to explore the world and make a positive impact on the communities they visit.


to create sustainable and enjoyable travel experiences that encourage individuals to give back to local communities and be mindful of their impact on people, places, and the environment.

Our Team

Our Team

Omotoke Fatoki


Buki- Kolade

Program Coordinator

Ilakimifa Owugah

Community Manager

Working With The Best

Our Partners

At Impact Adventurers, we work closely with like-minded organizations, foundations, and companies to promote and implement responsible tourism policies and practices.